Land Based Fish Farming

Sanido has more than 10 years of aquaculture engineering experience. Our team of world leading experts is renowned for designing sustainable recirculation and land based fish farming systems that are second to none. Having delivered systems globally for more than 15 different species, Sanido provides optimal water quality conditions for land based fish farming, both fresh- and seawater operations.

Recirculation System - the main advantages of the UNI Recirculation Systems is the ability to maintain a perfect environment with superior water quality at a minimum cost.

Flow Through Systems - the most common system with various level s of water cleaning. 

Pipes and Pipework -  most modern product lines for polyethylene pipes in Europe and thousands of kilometers have been delivered. The pipes are used for both land based Fish farming and offshore aquaculture operations.

Environmental Sensors - Environmental data is a critical feeding parameter and a temperature sensor combinded with an oxygen sensor gives a good picture of the environmental conditions in the tank.

Underwater Lights -  Underwater Lights stimulates growth and reduses fish maturation. The lights can easily be installed at various depths, ensuring stable and accurate light conditions.


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